Dance and Health Should Go Together...

..but they don't always do so. By unlocking the mysteries of how science relates to dance and dance wellness, Dr. Jeff Russell helps dancers understand their bodies and offers them hope for a healthy future in dance.

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Dr. Russell's Dance Health Blog

This is where Dr. Jeff Russell's dance health blog lives. Do please have a read, and then comment if you wish. Topics vary. If you'd like to suggest a topic, do so with our "Contact Us" form.

The Choreohealth Seminar

The seminar Choreohealth™: Science and Wellness for Dancers focuses on those scientific topics that Dr. Jeff Russell has discovered—from teaching and caring for dancers—are the most necessary for excellent dance health. You can bring this seminar to your studio or school!

Dance Health Resources

Dr. Jeff Russell, his students, and his colleagues in the field of dance medicine and science work diligently to understand the demands dance places on the body. The goal that drives all of this is helping dancers be healthier as they express themselves through their artistic giftedness.

STOP Sports Injuries Campaign

We are proud to be an Affiliate of the STOP Sports Injuries campaign, an initiative of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.

Dr. Russell’s extensive knowledge of ballet-related injuries, his counsel and instruction proved to be the exact direction needed for my daughter’s recovery. He has also provided effective ongoing guidance to prevent further injury. His personable and attentive partnership on this journey has been invaluable." (A Dance Mom)